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Insurance Coverage

Individual Health Plans: These are benefit-rich plans at better-than-group rates for individuals and families. There are several types of plans to choose from including: PPO, EPO, Co-Pay, High Deductible, and Health Savings Account's (HSA). Traditional style plans give the freedom of seeing your physician without the inconvenience of obtaining referrals. Health Savings Account (HSA) plans offer a reduction in health care costs through tax-favored accounts. For a quick quote from a few of the national insurance companies that we offer, please click here. Below are a few of carriers that we offer for individual coverage:
Small Employer Group Plans: Employers can choose from traditional, PPO, EPO & HMO plans or establish a group HSA for their employees. Group coverage allows employers to offer benefit rich plans to their employees while also receiving the tax advantage of paying the insurance as a business expense. Employees benefit by receiving great coverage on a pre--tax basis for their portion of the premiums.
Senior Health Plans:
  • Long Term Care Insurance - This insurance offers permanent protection to help with the cost of Long Term Care. Long Term Care is care that extends beyond traditional medical care for example nursing or home care. We offer tax-qualified, fully integrated Long Term Care Plans with lifetime benefits while confined or receiving home health care.

Temporary/Short-Term Coverage: This insurance is temporary health insurance designed to protect you during gaps in your medical coverage. Reasons for temporary coverage may include; coverage between jobs, coverage after graduation while searching for a job, coverage while waiting for open enrollment, or coverage while waiting for group coverage to begin. Temporary coverage typically lasts from 1-12 months, is medically underwritten, and is not considered creditable coverage for purposes of avoiding tax penalties.

  • IHC - Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland residents click here for more information or to apply on-line.
Dental Insurance: Plans for both individuals and businesses. Traditional plans allow you the freedom of going to the dentist of your choice. Network based plans require you to use in-network dentists but offer richer and more convenient benefits.
International and Travel Health Insurance: Plans for individuals traveling overseas both on a short term and long term basis.

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Cancer Plans: Plans for individuals seeking financial assistance when facing a cancer diagnosis. For more information, please click here.

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