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Healthcare Reform

Contact our health insurance professionals today for strategies related to healthcare reform. Marketplace/Exchanges specific information, please click here.
Let us help answer questions like:

  • When should I purchase a plan?
  • What is "Obamacare?"
  • When is "open enrollment?"
  • Will I be eligible for tax credits or subsidies? (Click here for a helpful tax credit estimator, or contact us.)
  • Will I be subject to tax penalties?
  • What is a “Marketplace” or “Exchange?” (For more information on Marketplace/Exchanges, and how an agent can assist you, please click here.)
  • Is my current insurance "grandfathered?"
We can help Employers with questions like:

  • Am I required to offer health insurance to my employees?
  • How do I calculate FTEs (fulltime equivalents)?
  • Will my business be subject to tax penalties?
  • What is the “SHOP Marketplace” or the “SHOP Exchange” and how is it different from our current coverage?
  • Will my business qualify for tax credits?
  • What is a "defined contribution" plan?
  • Should I consider a "private exchange?"

At Health Insurance Associates, we understand that health insurance, and in particular, healthcare reform, can be complex. Allow us to help you through the healthcare maze. To ask one of our professionals to contact you, please click here.