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Employer Health Plans

At Health Insurance Associates, we also work with all of the insurance carriers offering benefit plans to employers of all sizes in the tri-State area (DE, PA, and MD). Each employer's needs and employee demographics are unique. Let our experts take the time to learn your business' needs, and customize a plan that perfectly fits for your group. After we have created a plan for your business, you and your employees will have access to a dedicated service team at our agency. We can handle your insurance, so that you can focus on your business.
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Here are a few facts that might be helpful when considering a plan as an employer:

  • A portion of the cost can depend on the total number of employees insured (the larger the group, potentially, the lower the rates).
  • The average age of the covered employees can play a factor in the rates.
  • The geographic spread of the employees can play a role in which plans will work well, and this can contribute to the cost.
  • In Delaware and Pennsylvania, if a plan has less than 50 employees, the health of the employees can affect the premium.
  • On a group plan, one bill comes to the employer each month for the total premium, and any portion that the employee is responsible for is something that the employer can withhold from the employee's pay. This withholding can be done on a pre-tax basis.
  • On a group plan, the employer can determine what percentage of the premium the business will pay on behalf of its employees (typcially, this will be between 25% - 100%).
  • On a group plan, the employer can determine if there is a waiting period before newly hired employees become eligible for plan (typically, this will be between 0 - 60 days).